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F1 kleinAll runners know how beautiful it can be when one has finished his own personal run. Whether a training run, the beloved jogging in the countryside or an ambitious participating in a running event. It is still the simple principle, running clothes on and go. If you train regularly, you know already everything about the proper equipment, nutrition and medical advice. Even "running beginners" get quickly countless hints that are always well-intentioned advices. It is important to turn on your own head and exaggerate nothing. Running can be one of the most wonderful things in the world. The personal well-being comes first. Well prepared and without false ambition, you can start in almost any adventure. Here you will find some suggestions regarding training, equipment, and health.


F2 klein"Runing beginner" or "repeater"? No matter who has overcome his "one's weaker self" can start with the regular exercise. Keep the best tips and hints from coaches and practice managers who can demonstrate a specialized training for this. Even for serious runners, it is essential to prepare a regular and targeted training for a competition. Under the guidance of experienced trainers of our partners you will have the opportunity to utilize your training time effectively. The participation by the Lübeck Marathon this year will be a great experience for you. Maybe you can find here further assistance:

Lauftreff „Lübecker Marathon e.V".

Furthermore we offer guided running programs and the opportunity to receive valuable information about interesting topics such as prevention, nutrition and physiology in cooperation with the Department of Sports Diagnostics of the University Medical Center Schleswig-Holstein (UKSH).


F3 kleinSport is at its best when you can train without discomfort. You should not act precipitately and check regularly your health. Each cold could be throw back for your training schedule and a demand on our body. Before you get started with a regular endurance training, a health check is essential. To enable physical top performance over a long period of time, prevent injuries and cure, as well as to shorten recovery times, your body needs to function optimally. For this purpose, physical therapy and a doctor's expertise is an important element. Here we recommend you specialists in your area. In addition to a specialist unit for investigation, the experts should take enough time for advice and possibly long-term care.

You can find further assistance here:

DAK Gesundheit

Sports diagnostics (UKSH)

Physiotherapie Wigger


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Your health is our priority

For an initial assessment of your individual health risk during sports use our so-called "personal activity and prevention screening test" (PAPS) test. This "online checkup" helps in a few minutes for your next visit or check-up. An evaluation is available at the end of the questionnaire. The test is recommended by the German Athletics Federation as well as in comparable form of the German Society for Sports Medicine and Prevention as an important preventative tool.

Information for PAPS-test HERE


F5 klein Shoes, clothes, hats, socks, underwear, running watch , nutritional supplements - all important components for training and competition. First, it must be said : There is not universal and ideal solution. As different as people are, so different are their preferences for sports equipment. It does not apply the rule of thumb, the more expensive, the better. Each runner has to find out for yourself what fits, what they like and what is its demands. After the first training sessions will be clear what you really need. Go to a Shop close to you and try out a variety of things. Our partner at Lübeck Marathon know what runners want.

Intersport Profimarkt Krull (im Citti-Park)

Karstadt sports (Lübeck City)

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