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An event organised by
Lübecker Marathon e.V.
in cooperation with the
Hanseatic City of Lübeck

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The Stadtwerke Lübeck Marathon is an open cross-country race approved by DLV and the Athletic Association of Schleswig-Holstein. It offers eight different competitions. The participation in the run takes place only after prior notification and authorization by the organizer. Ratings are made according to invitations to tender presented here.

1. Initiator and patron of the event

Hanseatic City of Lübeck, Mayoress Gabriele Schopenhauer

2. Host / Organizer

Lübeck Marathon Association, Bei den Tannen 16, 23569 Lübeck
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , www.hl-marathon-verein.de

Hanseatic City of Lübeck
German Athletics Association (DLV)
Schleswig-Holsteinischer Leichtathletik-Verband e.V.

3. Marketing

PRO EVENT, www.agentur-proevent.de, tel +49 (0)381-375 69 20
responsible for advertising space, promotion stands, catering, track actions, rights of any kind

4. Venue and date

start and finish: Kohlmarkt, Lübeck

date: Sunday, 24 October 2021

5. Competitions / fees / times

The amount of the application fee depends on your registration date.

marathon (42.2 km)
35 € 48 € 58 € 68 € 10.00 am
marathon-duo (2x21.1 km) 50 € 66 € 76 € 96 € 10.00 am
students run (2.1 km)
6 € 6 € 6 € 7 € 10.05 am
DAK-Gesundheit-family-run (4.2 km) 8 € 8 € 8 € 10 € 10.05 am
halfmarathon (21.1 km) 25 € 33 € 38 € 48 € 11.00 am
10 km run
15 € 23 € 28 € 33 € 11.15 am
10 km walk 15 € 23 € 28 € 33 € 11.15 am
marathon-relay (10x4.2km) 100 € 100 € 120 €   11.25 am
functional short sleeved shirt 18 € 18 € 18 € 20 €  
functional long sleeved shirt
25 € 25 € 25 € 25 €  

* Late registrations are only possible until the number of participants of the single competition has been reached.

6. Benefits for all participants

Every participant gets

  • a personal finisher medal
  • certificate of participation
  • tents for massage in the finish area
  • Dressroom / baggage drop / showers / toilets
  • free use of indoor swimming bath
  • supply of food

The results will be presented online and in the print supplement of the Lübecker Nachrichten on 26 October 2021. The ceremony of all competitions will take place on the market of Lübeck.

7. Issue of race documents

IMPORTANT: The issue of bib numbers in 2021 will take place in the Börsensaal in the city hall of Lübeck.

Address: Am Rathausplatz, 23552 Lübeck

The pickup of race documents is possible at the following times:              

  • Friday, 22 October:
    12.00 – 18.00
  • Saturday, 23 October:
    10.00 – 18.00
  • Sunday, 24 October:
    from 7.00 am until 1h before start (only for external racer)

Late registration will be only accepted on friday and saturday!

8. Changes / re-registration / complaint / resignation

A refund of the organization fee isn' t possible in any way. The bib number is only valid for the registered person and is not transferable. Re-registrations for another competition are possible at any time. In case of a "high registration", the difference must be paid. In case of a "down registration", there is no refund of the difference. Until 15 August 2021 you have the opportunity, that your name appears on your bib number, afterwards we can' t offer this service any more because of logistical reasons. Therefore the deadline for eventual re-registrations is also on 15 August 2021. That means, for all "high" or "down registrations" that are made afterwards, it isn' t possible, that your name will be printed on your bib number.
For marathon and halfmarathon runners: If you want to change the competition after 15 August 2021, we have to charge an expense fee of 2 € for the printed bib number. This fee is to be paid in cash when you' re picking up your race documents.

NEW: If you notice a spelling mistake, transposed numbers or similar, you can make corrections by yourself with the change link in your confirmation mail. For that, you only have to click on the link and make the change. After a successful change, you will recieve a mail, that confirms that. It is still possible, that we make the change, e. g. after the end of the online registration. Then we charge an expense fee of 2 €. This fee is to be paid in cash when you' re picking up your race documents.

9. Locker / luggage / showers / toilets / indoor swimming pool

in the main gym (Mühlenstraße 74) by presenting your bib for free until 17.00

Every participant has the opportunity to deposit his luggage for free at the Haerder Center. For this you have to take a "Lübeck Marathon tape" at the issue of bibs and enter your bib numer. This will be glued on your luggage/ jacket/ etc. and only with the correct number, you will get it back.

in the area Marienkirchhof - passage to the market ist possible

indoor swimming pool:
After the race you can use the swimming baths in the Schmiedestraße. With a valid bib number you get free entrance until 17.00.

10. Route (old town - Herrentunnel - Baltic Sea and ships)

All runs (see course map) will be completed on one course. The route runs straight from the historic old town. Starting area for all competitions is the Kohlmarkt close to the city hall. From here the course goes around the Holstentor (only marathon, students run and family run), further along An der Untertrave and Beckergrube. All other competitions go directly from Breite Straße towards the Burgtor. Before, all participants of all routes meet here. It continous through Travemünder Allee and Herrentunnel towards Travemünde. The marathon and halfmarathon runners pass the neighborhoods Siems and Rangenberg.
The turning points for the DAK-Gesundheit-family-run, the marathon-relay (after 2.1 km) and halfmarathon (after 10.55 km) are marked with booth and helpers. The 10 km run also starts at the Kohlmarkt and leads through Breite Straße to Travemünder Allee. The turning point is behind the pedestrian bridge Isrealsdorf. The marathon turning point is directly at the western end, right on the promenade of Travemünde. Beforehand, the lighthouse will be surrounded on the pier. From here the marathon runners run back to Lübeck.

One of the highlights during the marathon and halfmarathon is running twice through the Herrentunnel (around 9 km after start and 8 km before finish). The Herrentunnel has a length of approximately 800 m and a slope of 6 % until 31 m below sea level. Thanks to modern technology (ventilation, lighting) there are good conditions for the runners inside the tunnel. Already in 2005, more than 4500 runners ran through the tunnel. For information click here: www.herrentunnel.de. Further details will follow.

There are refreshment stands approximately every 3.5 km - partially with mobile toilets.

More information about arrival, accomodation, program, showers/ toilets, luggage, issue of race documents and sights of Lübeck can be found on this page.

Here you can find 3 course maps. Please note, that there may be some differences between the map view and the satellite view of the interactive Google-map. The original route was officially measured.

course map - low resolution
course map - high resolution

Google Maps

11. Timing

The electronic timing is realized by the Agency PRO EVENT. Your time is measured by an intregrated ship in your bib number. A return of the bib numbers and transponder is not necessary.

12. Pacemaker

We are looking for official marathon-pacemaker for the following times:

  • 5:00:00 h
  • 4:30:00 h
  • 4:15:00 h
  • 4:00:00 h
  • 3:45:00 h
  • 3:30:00 h

Pacemaker are marked by a balloon with the target time as well as a garish shirt, also printed with the target time. If you' re interested in being pacemaker, please write a mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your complete contact details. We will contact you.

13. Eventshirt

Also in 2021 we offer an official eventshirt in orange (short sleeve) and black (long sleeve). Both are functional shirts, that means they are optimal for sport - whether for a 10 km walking race or for a marathon. For the price of only 18 € (short sleeve) or 25 € (long sleeve) you can order it at your online registration. On site the short sleeved shirt is still available in limited number for 20 €, the long sleeved for 25 €.

Here you can see the design of 2020:

PE 13SWLM 2020 Shirts


14. Noodle Party the day before

One highlight more in Lübeck: the Noodle Party! Already the day before the main event (saturday, 14.October) the Noodle Party takes place at the market. It starts at 12.00. The end is around 17.30. In addition to the most important information you will get a common, nourishing noodle meal. For 2020, both a vegetarian and a meaty variant are planned. For runners and enthusiasts of Lübeck an absolute must!

Tickets can be ordered at your registration for a price of only 4 €.

15. Award ceremony

marathon / halfmarathon Place 1-6 m/f, age group results only on certificates and in protocol
10 km run Place 1-6 m/f, age group results only on certificates and in protocol
10 km walk Place 1-3 m/f, age group results only on certificates and in protocol
marathon-duo (2x21.1km) Place 1, m/f/mixed
marathon-relay (10x4.2km) Place 1-3, + fastest women relay
DAK-Gesundheit-family run Place 1-6 m/f, age group results only on certificates and in protocol
students run Place 1-3 m/f, Place 1 m/f for U8, U10, U12, U14, U16, other age group results only on certificates and in protocol

Please look at the timetable for all award ceremonies (within 1 hour after victories run-in). All award ceremonies will take place on the stage on the market.

16. Traffic situation (at the event day)

Dear road users! Please collaborate on this day and follow the instructions of the police officers or security guards. The roadblocks will be canceled as soon as possible. Some areas will be closed all day. Please be aware of the local information!

17. Accompanying program

The hanseatic city Lübeck, Travemünde and the Baltic Sea are always nice to visit. Please seek early enough for a place to stay, as runner or guest. At the event day will be some traffic restrictions in Lübeck and Travemünde. To avoid any struggle to get to the event, please use the public transport system. For all viewers, companions and participants a varied program is offered at the market. The focus however is on the running competitions, information about the races, results and ceremonies. Shifts in the time table are possible under certain circumstances! At the event more than 750 volunteers from Lübeck associations, fire departments and other organizations are involved. Only in cooperation with all departments of the city of Lübeck, the police, the city traffic Lübeck and others, such an event can be realized! Thanks to all organizers!

18. Photoservice - your personal event photo

Also this year, the team of Sportograf supports the Stadtwerke Lübeck Marathon with photographers along the routes. They will position at the hotspots an try to photograph each runner/ walker. Afterwards you can buy the photos. For that you only need your bib number, which you enter in the following banner. Then you will be directed to your personal photos. 

bib number:

19. Results of 2019

20. Running conditions

Our running conditions in German can be found here.

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Banner 300x300 2019 Euroimmun


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