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Hanseatic City of Lübeck

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Dear runners, dear citizens and dear guests,

Here the most frequently asked questions with short answers around the marathon. At the same time, each participant will also find further information for the course and participation in the Stadtwerke Lübeck Marathon. Please read this information carefully. It may be charged for understandable reasons, no claim to completeness. We have tried to summarize the most common requests.

>> Which roads are closed during the marathon?

At the event, there wil be traffic restrictions in Lübeck and Travemünde. The full route will be closed in between 09:00 - 16:00 clock on 8th October. The partial route to the Holstentor is only locked in the period from 09:30 - 10:45 clock. The Herrentunnel is fully open all the time for traffic in both directions. There will be a separate traffic management in the area of Travemünder Allee. Note: please pay attention to the local press in the days before and watch out for changes in the public traffic.

>>How relatives and friends come to the turning point?

As long as the city center (until 08:45 clock) is not locked relatives and friends can move freely through the city. From the start the turning point is to reach beyond the distributor road A1 Travemünde, exit Lübeck - Siems (for half-marathon) or continue to Travemünde. This applies also for the way back (Burgtor is locked until 16.00 pm).

>>Where I find parking-areas?

A part of downtown (Breite Straße) is closed to traffic. Nevertheless, there are some parking-areas (billable!) close to the city center, which can be reached by car. Please use only the public parking-areas, in Lübeck parking violation will be very expensive. Here are some places and parking decks in and around the city:

1. parking deck Haerder Center (Old Town), 208 parking spaces

4. parking deck at Holstentor, 525 parking spaces

2. parking area Kanalstraße, 700 parking spaces

5. parking area Untertrave, 113 parking spaces

3. parking deck Karstadt, 120 parking spaces


For more information: www.luebeck-tourismus.de or http://www.parken-luebeck.de/.

>>How do I reach the event by public transport?

If you want to arrive by public transport, use the following connections: From central train station you go to the central bus station (300m) and drive from there by bus to the city center (2 stops). The walk from the train station to the town hall market takes 10 minutes. All other information about bus routes and timetables can be found under www.stadtverkehr-luebeck.de.

>> When and Where can I pick up my race documents?

The handing out of documents will take place on Friday, 6th October 12-18 clock or on Saturday, 7th October 10-18 clock in Haerder Center. Stragglers (please only athletes who came's from outside of Schleswig-Holstein) can pick up their starting number on Sunday 8th October from 7:00 until 1h before the start of each run. Please meet the deadlines!

>> Is there an official party?

On Saturday, 7th October there will be a large event tent on the marketplace. There you can relax with music, drinks, snacks and other runners. In warm weather we have - music and thousands of visitors here.

>> Where can I find the baggage drop/cloak rooms and how long have they opened?

With the starting number/race documents you get your coat check (luggage tag). Please note your starting number on this. After the ru >> Are there medical help on the track? If you need medical assistance, walk or go to the next level supply best. There is catered for professional help. During the entire event mobile catering vehicles are on the track go. Also, you can contact the marshals you in any emergency. nning event, you can pick up your luggage by presentation your starting number till 17.00 clock. You can leave the luggage close to the start/finish area in Haerder Center. We assume no liability.

>> How long is the swimming pool open for runners?

After the race you can use the swimming pool Zentralbad Lübeck in the Schmiedestraße1-3 free of charge. The swimming pool is open for participants on Sunday until 17:00 clock. Please show your race number at the cash point before, so you can use this free service.

>>Can my dog or a relative accompany me during the race ?

It is not allowed to have accompany by a member by bicycle or other means of transportation. What is not allowed for the people, is even not permitted for your pet. Please understand this, it is a risk for you and the other participants.

>> May I bring my own food to the route?

If you want to bring your own food, you have to make sure by yourself that it arrives at the by you desired refreshment point at the track. For this, you can certainly get help by your relatives or friends. Please mark your meals, so you can find them quickly.

>> Is there medical help on the track?

If you need medical assistance, walk or go to the next delivery point. There will be professional help. During the entire event are mobile vehicles on the track. You can also contact the marshals in any emergency.

>> Are there catering stops on the track?

All 2.5km constructed water points. Here water and warm tea is served in cups and there are (depending on weather) water tank ready for dipping the sponges. In addition, it specifies four water points and the usual "runner food." Note the runners / inside next to you, if you change the track during the race, spit or want to run one of the food stalls.

>>How the time is measured during the event?

The electronic timing is realized by the Agency PRO EVENT with the help of bootlaces transponders. At each shoe is a transponder to carry. The transponder are single-used, so there will be no additional cost for the runners. There may be also no rental fees. The transponders can be discarded after the run. Every finisher in the marathon and half marathon will receive a gross and net time in the protocol, that means the start time is triggered for all the same (gross). When passing through the starting line, the start number again dissolved an individually time (net). In the target, the gross time is always counted. We recommend starters with maturities of less than 02:45 hrs (men) and 3:00 hours (women) line up in the front of the starting gate. If you need any help, contact us. Please note that your starting number is non-transferable. Please wear your starting number clearly visible on the chest and do not change. Please abolish your starting number for the print of the certificate, the baggage and for the use of the swimming pool.

>>Who provides information about runners who had to finish the race?

Families and relatives can provide information in the organization office (town hall at the market) about the whereabouts of the participation of the runners during the run. The technical director is in constant contact with all supply points on the track and the broom wagon.

>> When and where will be the award ceremonies?

All tributes of the runners will be held approximately one hour after the victory run-in on the big stage on the market.

>> How do I get my certificate if I have not picked this?

If you do not have time to pick up your certificate after the run, so you can print this by yourself automatically on the Internet. We will gladly send you your certificate also at home. For this leave your name, address, and a fee of 5, - EUR for processing and postage at the organizational team.

>> Can I order one more event T-shirt?

As long as there are some last supplies you can take locally an event shirt. However, there is also the possibility for you to reorder the official event-shirt. Please inform the organization office and carry you into the appropriate lists. Please pay equal in cash the price of 15 € (excl. Shipping costs in the amount of 7.50 €).

>> Starter List

The starter lists can be found here.

The Stadtwerke Lübeck Marathon-Team wishes all of you a lot of fun and success.

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