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Eine  Veranstaltung  des
Lübecker Marathon e.V.
in Kooperation mit der
Hansestadt Lübeck

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The registration will start at 11 November 2019 and is possible up to 16 October 2020. Please yuse one of the possibilities below. We recommend the ONLINE REGISTRATION. This is fast and convenient. All other registrations options can be found under option B, C and D. Please note, that the functional participant-shirt must be paid extra.


marathon (42.2 km)
10.00 am
30 € 45 € 55 € 65 €
marathon-duo (2x21.1 km) 10.00 am 60 € 60 € 70 € 90 €
students run (2.1 km)
10.05 am 6 € 6 € 6 € 7 €
DAK-Gesundheit-family-run (4.2 km) 10.05 am 8 € 8 € 8 € 10 €
halfmarathon (21.1 km) 11.00 am 18 € 30 € 35 € 45 €
10 km run
11.15 am 12 € 20 € 25 € 30 €
10 km walk 11.15 am 12 € 20 € 25 € 30 €
marathon-relay (10x4.2km) 11.25 am 95 € 95 € 100 € 110 €
functional short sleeved shirt   18 € 18 € 18 €  20 €
functional long sleeved shirt
  25 € 25 € 25 €  25 €


* Late registrations are only possible on Friday and Saturday - until the number of participants of the single competition has been reached.

Option A: online registration

Online Registration with THIS LINK.

Immediate payment with credit card, direct debit or Paypal until 19 October 2020. Please take a payment receipt to the issue of bibs and shirts.


marathon-relay = 10 x 4.2 km: Furthermore, the relays have to been registered online. Please enter all starters in the fields and fill in everything else.

You will receive a confirmation mail after the registration. If you need an invoice, please write a mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Option B: registration by post

Schriftliche Anmeldung mit vollständig und leserlich ausgefülltem Anmeldeformular beim Lübecker Marathon e.V. bis zum 19.10.2020 und gleichzeitiger Überweisung der Startgebühren auf das Veranstalterkonto:
Lübecker Marathon e.V.
Sparkasse zu Lübeck
BLZ 230 501 01
Kontonummer 162953525
IBAN: DE43 2305 0101 0162 9535 25
Verwendungszwecke: Name, Vorname, Strecke, ggf. T-Shirt Größe

Option C: direct sale

Start and duration of the direct sale will be published soon. Points of sale are:

Please pay attention to the official opening hours!

Option D: late registration

Late registration (until the number of participants of the single competition has been reached) on 23/24 October 2020 in the town hall with a small additional charge.


Also in 2020 we offer an official eventshirt in orange (short sleeve) and black (long sleeve). Both are functional shirts, that means they are optimal for sport - whether for a 10 km walking race or for a marathon. For the price of only 18 € (short sleeve) or 25 € (long sleeve) you can order it at your online registration. On site the short sleeved shirt is still available in limited number for 20 €, the long sleeved for 25 €.

Description of event shirts: comfortable functional shirts with excellent moisture transport and a perfect cut. These shirts with a very high wearing comfort can be used as running shirt as well as underwear for almost all sports. The eventshirts are available in all standard sizes (for women and men).

Here you can see the design of 2019:

Re-registrations / changes / complaints

NEW: You can make changes and corrections by yourself with the change link in your confirmation mail. For that, you only have to click on the link and make the change. After a successful change, you will recieve a mail, that confirms that. This procedure is possible until the end of online registration on 19 October 2020. After this date, we still can make changes, when you contact us via mail. Then we charge an expense fee of 2 €. This fee is to be paid in cash when you' re picking up your race documents.

If you have chosen a different option for registration than the online registration, you will receive a seperate confirmation mail with the change link.

In urgent circumstances, if you have problems or you haven't receive a confirmation mail, you can contact us by phone on +49 381-3756920.

IMPORTANT: For marathon and halfmarathon runners: If you want to change the competition after 16 August 2020, we have to charge an expense fee of 2 € for the printed bib number. This fee is to be paid in cash when you' re picking up your race documents. Thank you for your understanding!

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