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Eine  Veranstaltung  des
Lübecker Marathon e.V.
in Kooperation mit der
Hansestadt Lübeck

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The Stadtwerke Lübeck Marathon is an open cross-country race approved by DLV and the Athletic Association of Schleswig-Holstein. It offers six different competitions. The participation in the run takes place only after prior notification and authorization by the organizer (see clause 11 running conditions). Ratings are results of the shown information on this website.

1. Initiator and patron of the event

Hanseatic City of Lübeck, Mayoress Gabriele Schopenhauer

2. Host/Organizer

Lübeck Marathon Association, Bei den Tannen 16, 23569 Lübeck
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , www.hl-marathon-verein.de

Hanseatic City of Lübeck
German Athletics Association (DLV)
Schleswig-Holsteinischer Leichtathletik-Verband e.V.

3. Marketing

PRO EVENT, www.agentur-proevent.de, tel +49 (0)381-375 69 20
responsible for advertising space, promotion stands, catering, track actions, rights of any kind

4. Application fee

The amount of the application fee depends on your registration date. View this year's application fees at:RaceResult.



5. Benefits for all participants

Every participant gets

  • a finisher medal
  • certificate of participation
  • tents for massage in the finish area
  • Dressroom / Baggage Drop / showers / toilets
  • free use of indoor swimming bath
  • supply of food

The results will be presented online and in the newspaper Lübecker Nachrichten on 16/10/2018. After the race the ceremony will take place on the market of Lübeck.

6. Issue of race documents

All race documents and ordered event shirts will be available at the Marthon WarmUp, which takes place at the Großen Börsensaal at the town hall of Lübeck.

This is not just a conventional marathon fair, we also offer information, support and everything you need for your run, as well as sporting goods. All participants find here any additional offers from companies and partners.


Issue/Dates:    Friday, 12th October: 12 - 18 clock *

                         Saturday, 13th October: 10 - 18 clock *

Especially for external racer: (no re-registration possible) Sunday, 14th October from 7.00 until 1h before start of each run!

7. Timing

The electronic timing is realized by the Agency PRO EVENT. Your time is measured by a single-use transponder. You simply have to fix it on your shoe. Because we use single-use transponders, there will be no further costs for the subscriber (no loss or rental fees). A return of the starting numbers and transponder is not necessary.

This picture you can also find on your bib number!

8. Starting times and routes

marathon 10:00 am
marathon-relay(2x21km) 10:00 am
4x10km relay race 10:00 am
DAK-Gesundheit- family run (4,2km) 10:05 am
students run (2,1km) 10:05 am
halfmarathon 11:00 am
10km run - "Volkslauf" 11:15 am
10km - walking 11:15 am
relay for clubs and companies 10x4,2km 11:25 am

Starting times can change. All runners will be notified by the organizer.

9. The route

All runs (see above) will be completed on one course. The route runs straight from the historic old town (starting area = Kohlmarkt), through Breite Strasse, Burgtor, through Herrentunnel to Travemünde and back again. The turning points for the student run, DAK-Gesundheit-family run, the Marathon relay (after 2.1 miles) and half marathon (after 10.55 km) are marked with booth and helpers. The marathon turning point is directly at the western end, right on the promenade of Travemünde. From here the marathon runners run back.

Running twice through the Herrentunnel is one of the highlights during the Stadtwerke Lübeck Marathon. The Herrentunnel has a length of approximately 800m and a slope of 6% until 31m below sea level. Thanks to modern technology (ventilation, lighting) there are good conditions for the runners inside the tunnel. More information also at www.herrentunnel.de.

There are refreshment stands approximately every 2,5km partially with mobile toilets.

We present the current course map here.

Streckenplan - geringe Auflösung
Streckenplan - hohe Auflösung

Google- Maps- Karte

10. Traffic situation (on the Event-Day)

Dear road users! Please collaborate on this day and follow the instructions of the police officers or security guards. The roadblocks will be canceled as soon as possible. Some areas will be closed all day. Please be aware of the local information!

11. Award ceremony

Marathon / Half Marathon Place 1-6 m/f, age group results on all documents
10 km run Place 1-6 m/f, age group results on all documents
10 km walking Place 1-3 m/w, age group results on all documents
Halfmarathon relay Place 1-3, + fastest women relay
4x10km relay Place 1, m/w/mixed
DAK-Gesundheit-family run Place 1-3 m/f, age groups until youth A
Students run Place 1-3 m/f, age groups until Student A
Special awards Special award for sportiest school, sportiest family and funniest baton

Please look at the timetable for all award ceremonies (within 1 hour after victories run-in). All award ceremonies will take place on the stage on the market.

12. Running-Conditions

Our running conditions in German can be found here.

13. Program

The hanseatic city Lübeck, Travemünde and the Baltic Sea are always nice to visit. Please seek early enough for a place to stay, as runner or guest. At the event day will be some traffic restrictions in Lübeck and Travemünde. To avoid any struggle to get to the event, please use the public transport system. For all viewers, companions and participants a varied program is offered on the market. Shifts in the time table are possible under certain circumstances! At the event are more than 750 volunteers from Lübeck, fire departments and other organizations involved. Only in cooperation with all departments of the city of Lübeck, the police, the city traffic Lübeck and others, such an event can be realized! Thanks from all organizers!

14. Marathon 2017 in figures...

For the event are provided:

  • 25,000 cups of tea, still water and isotonic drinks
  • 3,000 bananas
  • 10,500 bars
  • 1,500 apples
  • 1,000 bottles of Coke
  • 2,500 bottles of apple juice
  • 4,000 m power and data cable
  • 12,000 safety pins
  • 10,000 m barrier Tape




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