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Eine  Veranstaltung  des
Lübecker Marathon e.V.
in Kooperation mit der
Hansestadt Lübeck

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13. Stadtwerke Lübeck Marathon, event of:

Half Marathon
10 km Fun Run
10 x 4.2 km Relay
4.2 km DAK-Family Run
2.1 km Students Run


News-Karstadt Startnr
From Wednesday, the September 10th on, the direct sale for the bib numbers starts in Lübeck. Almost 60 percent of all starters are based in Lübeck and its environs. Most of them will use the easy pre-sale in order to deal with the increasing demand of the past events. Starting on the September 10th, you will be able to purchase your bib number for all individual competitions, the 2.4 km student run, the 4.2 km...

Sparkasse Startnummer Team
The 7th Stadtwerke Lübeck Marathon on 19th October will, with approx. 3000 attendees, once again be the biggest running event all over Lübeck and the region around Lübeck. The racers from the inland and abroad will start in 5 categories. The supreme discipline of 42.2 km long ago includes the biggest number of participants all over Schleswig-Holstein and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Additionally, the marathon in...

1760 SOS 02512
"We are bringing you onto the mileage", the organizers of the Lübeck Marathon e. V. unanimously say about their latest practice offer for everyone. On 07/08/2014, 06 o'clock pm, the Lübeck Marathon e. V. starts the campaign "from 0 to 10 km" in cooperation with the licensed coach Dieter Paust from the SHLV and the branch manager Nils Junker from the DAK-Gesundheit Lübeck. "With this offer, we want...

Sunshine Newsbild
From 19th.07. to 26th.7.2014 starts "sunshine4Kids e.V." the second sailing action on the Baltic Sea. The tour starts from Fehmarn with more than 100 children, 30 yachts and a traditional ship. That sailing for children in need can be a appliance proves sunshine4kids for several years. The idea was born in 2007 for children who have already experience many negative moments in their young lives to...

The 7th Stadtwerke Lübeck Marathon on October 19. 2014 may report first top news. The event and marketing professionals of PRO EVENT succeeded with the support of Fit Line to win Achim Heukemes for 7th Stadtwerke Lübeck Marathon. Achim Heukemes, one of the world's best extreme runners and extreme cyclist, support the organizers on Saturday (before the marathon starts) with a unique presentation...

Tunnel 2306
The distance concept for the 7th Stadtwerke Lübeck marathon is certain. The conclusion for the mammoth project: This marathon lives from his adventures. For all runners mean that again, around the Holstentor, the Disco in the tunnel as a pick– me- up and then the endless view across the Baltic Sea. How can you bring sightseeing, experience mile and a fast mileage in one event. Actually it is nearly impossible. The planer from...

Asklepios Klaus Ullrich
These days the organizers won a long-term cooperation partner for the 7th Stadtwerke Lübeck Marathon. Asklepios Medical Fitness and Holstein Therme have signed a comprehensive package for and with the marathon in Lübeck. Users are primarily the runners. "We want to support the participants and the event with our expertise in the field of medical fitness. The specific preparation for a half-marathon or...

For the 7. Stadtwerke Lübeck Marathon on October 19, the logins for the run rise constant. After the record year 2013, more than 3.000 participants are expected at the start. The most registrations are actually for the marathon and half marathon (over 400). One of the first athletes including runners from Denmark (14), Estonia (2) and the Netherlands (2). "Our advertising in the major events in Paderborn (Osterlauf)...

A cannon shot tore on 22/05/2014 at 13:30 clock the peaceful tranquility of the Ostpreußenkai in Travemünde . Frederick Thorn , head of school and sports , fired the starting shot from the cannon for the cogs run, to the Department of the Hanseatic city of Lübeck and the Lübeck Marathon eV for the Hanseatic Days had come up . Even before the official opening of the day by the President Joachim Gauck ...

News werben auf MEsse
The organizers of the Lübeck Marathon are traveling as promotional ambassador to some of the biggest running events in Germany. In the 68th Paderborner Osterlauf on 19th april, also at the 9th Darss Marathon on 27th april and at the 29th Hamburg Marathon on 4th may, the organizers do some really good promotion for the biggest marathon in Schleswig-Holstein. Overall, the event achieved over 18.000 runners from all parts of Germany. ...

News Warm UP
Almost six months before the start of the 7. Stadtwerke Lübeck Marathon, the organizers met high above the roofs of the Hanseatic city of Lübeck with sponsors, partners, media and representatives of the city of Lübeck. The Atlantic Hotel was the venue for the warm-up, the annual breakfast of all combatants and place for the common start signal. In unprecedented number of companies throughout the region, policy and...

News neuer Internetauftritt
"Especially the area of training and health is very important to us", says organization chief Klaus Ziele. Each runner is seeking the perfect preparation for itself before a marathon. It can would not be amiss to consult specialists in the field of health care, training and equipment. A protracted cold can affect serious. Who choose the wrong socks, often gets a painful impact of this decision. Long ago, the marathon weekend in Lübeck ...

News run auf Startnummern

A marathon has its own laws. Each runner and each runner with an optimal preparation must hope that on race day no unscheduled circumstances arise, which often makes a good result to nothing. The majority of participants in a marathon wants to improve every year their personal best. Who start at Stadtwerke Lübeck Marathon knows that the route is not suited to achieve this objective. The tunnel under the river Trave, which...

News Hansecup
From 22/05 until 25/05/2014 Lübeck, former „Queen of the Hanse“, invites to the: 34th INTERNATIONAL HANSE DAY OF THE MODERN ERA At this, Lübeck will all be characterized by the Hanse. Also sports is going to be high profiled on this day. Besides this huge event, we are happy to invite you to another highlight – taking place on 19/10/2014:
7th Stadtwerke Lübeck marathon ...

Registration started already for 2014!
Even today, the "hosters" have a lot to do with it to find suitable designs for flyers, posters and event t-shirts. "Also with us, the well-known adage applies after the marathon is before the marathon," said Klaus Ziele chief organizer and president of the Lübeck Marathon e.V. In the usual form we have already unlocked the online registration for 2014. Until the 01.06.2014 the runners can here benefiting from the best price-period. ...

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