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An event organised by
Lübecker Marathon e.V.
in cooperation with the
Hanseatic City of Lübeck

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16. Stadtwerke Lübeck Marathon, event of:

Half Marathon
10 km Fun Run
10 x 4.2 km Relay
4.2 km DAK-Family Run
2.1 km Students Run


  web jg 201810141305 0486The 12th edition of Stadtwerke Lübeck Marathon is expecting again more than 4,000 participants from 18 countries in the hanseatic city of Lübeck. The team of „Lübecker Marathon e.V.“, more than 750 volunteers and the whole city are well prepared for the running event. With the support of numerous sponsors and partners, the organizers can present one of the most beautiful running events in Germany ...

No matter which weather will occur, the marathon in Lübeck found its way into the hearts of the runners. In 2018, more than 15,000 marathon4you readers selected Stadtwerke Lübeck Marathon as the third best event in Northern Germany. "The Lübeck Marathon is a matter close to our hearts, and all volunteers and partners have been supporting us for many years - we are almost like a family here," says Klaus Ziele, chief organizer for 12 years. And "Mister Marathon", as he is called by quite a few in his team, can hardly wait for the hours before the marathon event. The tension increases from day to day. On the one hand we move tons of materials with many helpers and on the other hand you are constantly on the phone. Nevertheless, there is still time to look around the entry lists. In this year, like in the past years, the participants will be coming from all parts of Germany, Europe and overseas. For many connoisseurs of the Lübeck running scene, the question arises again this year, whether the record in the marathon of Jon - Paul Hendriksen from the year 2009 with 2:31:27 will be broken this year. Finally, it remains to be seen who will make the race this year. One thing the organizers can already guarantee today is that the 12th Stadtwerke Lübeck Marathon will be a great runner party for all of the over 4000 small and large participants.

Picture: Last year's and 3 times winner of Stadtwerke Lübeck Marathon Britta Giesen (Hamburg).



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