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Eine  Veranstaltung  des
Lübecker Marathon e.V.
in Kooperation mit der
Hansestadt Lübeck

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13. Stadtwerke Lübeck Marathon, event of:

Half Marathon
10 km Fun Run
10 x 4.2 km Relay
4.2 km DAK-Family Run
2.1 km Students Run


news 160816 designInitially, the organization team of the Stadtwerke Lübeck Marathon has been calling up for a competition concerning the design of the new event shirt. More than 25 suggestions in highly diverse versions have been submitted until the closing date. In the end, Julia Dahl from Lübeck has come out on top. Now, she can be glad about both the winner bonus and the opportunity to design the event shirt for the 9th Stadtwerke Lübeck Marathon.

It’s been a so-called wire to wire. A great majority of the runners have voted the design by Julia Dahl from Lübeck. The passionate runner has already participated several times in the Stadtwerke Lübeck Marathon in the past. Hence, the chief-organizer of the Lübeck Marathon e.V. once more emphasizes: “We are always looking for new possibilities of incorporating the people of the region into the event. The recognition has proven the high potential of this running event.”

Within the next few days, the winner has to give the final touches as the design needs to be renovated for the print. Indeed, both event shirts, i.e. the orange t-shirt version as well as the black longsleeve version, will be designed based on her draft. “We will use her design and align it to the special requirements of the printing. Furthermore, a backside design will be added”, says Roman Klawun, who’s agency PRO EVENT is responsible for the marketing of the event.

1st place - Julia Dahl, Lübeck

2nd place - Sonja Tramsen, Flensburg

3rd place - Marina Harders, Lübeck

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